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  • Alison White

Why utilising a Project Management Consultant is on the rise

Employment is risky and expensive let's be honest.

Companies are expected to pay more and more for staff. For employees this is good news. They get greater security with pensions, sick pay, and holiday pay as well as other benefits.

Some of this is contributed to by the government, but not all.

Employment law is there to protect the majority or working people from being left high and dry.

For Small to Medium Enterprises this can make increasing their staff count unachievable. Once that contract is signed there is very little going back, and the long-term financial commitment has been made.

Employment contracts

Even if affordability is not an issue, how do you know your Project Manager will be affective? They may give a great interview, and maybe they are slowly improving throughout their probation/trial period - maybe you are reluctant to dismiss them?

That's where you need affective Project Management with a low level of commitment.

With a flexible solution such as Project Perfect, you can book a Project Management Consultant for a couple of hours (1st hour is free) without the worry of a full time employee. You could get solutions and answers to questions, a long term plan that could take you into next year! And at the price of a few days.

If this sounds much more palatable for your business then get in touch!